Escaping Depression’s Brutal Snare

By, Crystal S. Kauffman

It is normal to feel down or sad at times, because we are human and we are filled with a range of different emotions. Some common emotions we feel are love, anger, happiness , sadness, loneliness, hopeless, fear, shame, pride, and jealousy. However, actual depression is completely different, since it doesn’t just go away after a few days. Depression is a mental health disorder that usually requires medications and a therapist or a counselor that can teach you ways to combat or cope with your every day life.

If you are feeling hopeless and worthless most every day, please talk to Someone and get help. Don’t allow yourself to become ensnared by depression’s brutal grip, because untreated depression can literally cause you to harm yourself or others. Did you know that depression may just be a symptom of an undiagnosed mental health disorders like: PTSD, Bipolar, ADD or ADHD, and/or anxiety?

Honestly, you will need to seek help to overcome the symptoms of depressions that you are experiencing. Especially, before you become suicidal or broken apart by circumstances you cannot control. Sometimes, your treatment will include prescription medications and speaking to separate therapist.
You will learn effective coping skills for the mental issues you face, but you must be truthful about your situation.

Don’t ever feel weak for asking for help, because it is a sign of strength to admit you have lost control of your life. Many factors can cause depression like dealing with health, relationship, and work issues. However, your addictions can cause depression as well, but just admitting you have a problem is half the battle of becoming free of addiction’s brutal clutch. Some people will look to God or their higher power to help them whenever they are trying to overcome their symptoms of depression. You can beat this, but It requires you to be brutally honest with yourself and others in your life.

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(I am not a licensed therapist. Based on personal experience.