I Got A Job!!!

crystal s kauffman

I been looking for a job I can do with my disability in my legs. Thankfully, Burger King hired me as a Drive Thru cashier, who sits on a stool and collects money. I can do that as well as earn money too. I am excite and I pray for my safety and the ability to continue working.

Thank you for your support and prayers, keep them coming,

Crystal S. Kauffman

Protecting My Self

Crystal S. Kauffman

So recently, I purchased a 22 long rifle hand gun for protection due my type of work. As a Lyft and Uber Driver, as well as delivering for Uber Eats. Unfortunately, this job has me dealt mg with shady people and scary neighborhoods. After talking with my boyfriend, I decided to start working towards getting a concealed weapons permit.

  • Dragons protect themselves
  • Dragons don’t use drugs
  • Dragons have a Right to Bear Arms
  • Dragons do everything legally
  • Dragons read your states laws
  • Dragons be responsible gun owners

I do plan to join a shooting range once I locate one near me and my leg is healed properly. My choice will be to take self defense classes, as well as more training classes to ensure I am properly trained. As I wait on my concealed weapons permit, I am trying to watch and learn all I call about my own gun and others that have caught my eye like a 9 mm or revolver.

Once, I get as much training with the gun as possible. I plan to sign up to become a security guard, especially one that will work with my disability. Thankfully, I am working on becoming even stronger, as I rehabilitate my leg using my new treadmill as I train in self defense. I also have my knife and pepper gel, as well as two solid fists that I not afraid to use.

With all this said, I do pray that I never once have to use any means of self-defense. In class I learned all about the nightmare waiting for me when I do shoot “smudlap” for try to kill or harm me. Trust me when I say that the last thing I want is to deal with “smudlaps” drama in court due to his desire bad things to me. So, I am going to b@.cautious and avoid all the “smudlaps, if I can help it!

Have a nice day, my fellow Dragons…

Protect yourself now, because it’s your life!!!!

Written by, Crystal S. Kauffman-Amon

Copyrighted June 2021

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Becoming Dragon Strong

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Copyright Unknown

My own personal journey with aggressive experimental cervical cancer treatment in 2003 initially caused the disability with my legs and back. Since then, treatment saved my life, yet I have been experiencing chronic pain and a balance issue.

Also, I have Neuropathy in my feet, which has caused falls and has caused me to break my right leg on several occasions. Just this past month, I had to have a metal “IM Nail” put in my leg after an accident a couple months ago. Honestly, during all this, I learned just how strong I truly am! 

I am proud to say that through my spiritual growth during the last few months, while I dug deep to, “Become Dragon Strong!”

No matter what I have faced in my life or been forced to accept  from “life” itself. My spirit animal has helped me discover and embrace my “inner dragon”. I have always been “Dragon Strong” during my own struggle to heal my mind, body, soul, and spirit from all I faced. 

My inner healing power has opened my eyes to the personal struggles others face, as I began finding my spiritual path which has led to helping others who need it. Mostly, I encourage people to write or talk about what’s bothering them.

Written by, Crystal S. Kauffman

Copyrighted May 2021

Facing My New Normal

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Eyes Like Me

Losing my twin brother, Thomas in Feb. 2021, broke my heart in two. However, I have to be honest in my heart I knew I was fighting for him to get Compassionate Release to die free from his prison cell. He spent 15 years after getting caught in Florida selling 10 oxycodone and refusing to smith. 

So, he was granted the Compassionate Release but was offered cancer treatment as well, which he chose to take before his release. His heart was to weak and he passed away before I could get the bear hug he promised me yet I feel it daily now. 

On Feb 28th, 2021, I broke my leg and lost my mom by the morning of March 1st, 2021 and my heart was friggin crushed, as I had to make two funeral arrangements and pay for their final expenses which was not cheap.

After some pain with my leg situation and misunderstandings with others, I now have a better relationship with my little brother. I do pray we will stay close and find a way through the changes we face together. I plan to do my best to stay healthy and build my life into what I want it to be, no matter what. 

I have a writing career to rebuild and many other things I will be doing, as I recover since I can finally walk again. Change involves growing and growing up is sometimes painful, especially as we lose those we love. Soon, we meet new loved ones who become family.

Author Crystal S. Kauffman, Copyrighted 2020

May your painful changes inspire you to do what is best for you, as you grow into your own new normal which I have with help from my best friend whom 

I love endlessly. I do pray this beautiful life continues, even as my heart becomes sad hearing my mom’s voice or feeling Thomas’ bear hug me from beyond the veil. 

Written by, 

Crystal S. Kauffman

Copyrighted 2021