Spot Your Emotions

Having a positive attitude, despite your feelings at the time can help you stay focused, while increasing your productivity at work and at home. However, a negative attitude will reflect badly on our fellow co-workers and our family members. The negative attitude will cause drama and cause friction between you and others, which will decrease your productivity at work and home.

Did you know that your emotional discomfort can reduce your ability to focus on important tasks that need completed at work and at home? Many times you will put off work tasks or housework because you are angry or upset. It’s important to stay sober during your emotional frequent mood swings, which can fluctuate from high to low and can lead to a weakened motivation in yourself.

Alcohol and drug addiction will lead you to make poor decisions about your present and future. There is an important urgency to balance your personal and work life, whenever you become sober because overwhelming stress can cause a relapse. Your emotions and moods can be drastically affected when we feel unmotivated or you use drugs and alcohol. In contrast, feeling good or being sober can motivate something inside of you, which will allow you to be strategic and less impulsive.

These positive emotional feelings will help motivate you to achieve your short-term and long-term goals. Additionally, this newfound emotional strength within you will allow you to chase your sobriety and dreams at the same time.

Never give up fighting for the peaceful and positive things in your life, especially on a bad day.

Emotional days happen, so pick yourself and move forward toward your goal but don’t look backward at all. Remember that the only thing that matters is the world in front of you, just focus on making it positive and peaceful. Be sure to change anything that takes away your peace or positivity, especially people. Therefore, use your emotions to better yourself at work and at home, by beginning to notice what changes need to be made based on your feelings.

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By, Crystal S. Amon

Copyrighted 2022