Peace is Vital

Many times you have learned that recovery is hard and sobriety is even harder. The truth is that sometimes you have to deal with though, is how much so-called friends or loved ones try to influence you to go out partying and drinking.

One word becomes a sentence which becomes an idea, a story, an anecdote, and before long someone who was adamant about staying sober is convinced they need alcohol again just to feel okay. This thought process of course can lead onto relapse, which can lead on the opposite end of sobriety. Those are the types of friend that those in recovery must avoid at all costs or they will lose their longevity in sobriety.

Peace empowers you in sobriety by improving your mental state, which in turn improves the quality of life for those in recovery. Recovering addicts have a lot more fun in their sober lives when they don’t always have drama and stress to worry about. Especially when it is being being triggered by other people who are addicted to drugs or alcohol.

However, a person in active addiction is nothing but stress and drama, which a person learns whenever they aren’t no longer chasing alcohol or the drug of their choice. They see the bad decisions and overwhelming negativity, whenever they come around which will destroy your peace of mind.

Honestly, it is important to avoid drama and negativity when getting sober and maintaining sobriety. This type of practice will help you succeed and stay positive even on a bad day when they feel beaten down by life. No one can spot the negative people on the outside, so you must pay close attention to all those who visit you.

  • Start by asking what kind of energy do they bring to your home?
  • How do they make you feel when they visit? 
  • Are they a negative person?
  • Are they in active addiction? 
  • Do they make you want to relapse?
  • Do they bring drama to my home?

First of all, you need to ask these questions and more about every person who walks in your home. This is the only guaranteed way that you can weed out the different types toxic people before it impacts your own personal sobriety and peace. Take inventory and just stay away from those that steal your peace away from you, instead of allowing them to bring their drama or negativity to your home.

Unfortunately, this is a person who doesn’t respect you choice to be sober and will never respect your right to live in peace. So with that said, be the judge of your own life and stay away from those that prove that they are toxic to your new way of life. Take a moment to breathe and consider the changes you have made in your own life.

Remember don’t let them wreck what you have accomplished by allowing them a spot in your life that will ultimately will drain your peace. Therefore, choose your own peace over anything and everything and you’ll find it easier to remain sober, even as you face your own ups and downs.

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Crystal S. Amon

Copyrighted 2022