Learn New Habits

As you face another new day of sobriety, you will begin facing the same problems and issues which led you to pick up the drug of your choice or the bottle.These original problems didn’t disappear suddenly by your use of drugs or alcohol. Instead, you’re just self-medicating and masking the problem and creating more for yourself. Honestly, you must chase sobriety and support just as hard as you chased the drug of your choice or the bottle. 

Your own personal recovery is in your capable hands, but only you can take the steps that are needed to stay clean and sober. Make a vow to yourself and promise that you will chase recovery until you find your own type of motivation to stay clean. However, let the motivation come from the inside of yourself, as you become a new creature without the drugs and alcohol.

Consider attending the local twelve step meetings and find support among those you know who have already beat the addiction around you. Ask your church for support and prayer, especially as you begin walking this new path of sobriety. Let your animals and children comfort you, because they need you as well. Let them see that you are becoming a new person with each new day and don’t give up if you relapse. 

Always chase sobriety every single day and never stop rebuilding your life, especially as you gain new ground. Trust your support system to walk with you on this journey, because you will need them every step of the way. Keep yourself away from the people and places that led down the road of addiction. Remember that you deserve to recover so you can help others who are struggling with addiction.

However, stay away from temptation and celebrate your recovery each day by writing in a journal or collecting small trinkets. Learn new habits to get involved in and get rid of the old habits. You may find out that you like journaling or collecting things that remind you that your still sober each month.

By, Crystal S. Amon

Copyrighted 2022