You Will Beat This…

you will win

By, Crystal S. Kauffman

You are going to get through the withdrawals and the cravings that haunt you, by admitting that you are powerless without God or your higher power. Admitting that you are weak against this battle will actually make you stronger. The battle against your old self and your new self is a constant battle that you will face every day of your life. However, you have a support system in place, so you will need to reach out to them whether it is your sponsor or your sober friend.

Don’t throw away your progress for a moment of weakness; instead use that moment to show your strength but staying away from the poison you used to put inside your body. Stay away from those who bring the poison back into your life by adding new sober friends that you can talk to in your time of need. You will never have to face this monster alone, because there is online and off-line groups that can help you change your life.

Only you can make the choice to remain sober, but you can talk to people who understand the situation and issues that you are facing. Try finding a counselor and a psychiatrist because tending to your own mental health issues will help you remain sober. You become stronger by dealing with the issues or pain, which caused your descent into drug use or alcohol use. Keep working every moment of the day to overcome the urge to just give up and use again.

Sobriety is Worth the Work!

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