Spotting Toxic Friends

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Whenever you are making new friends, you should begin to evaluate whether they are toxic to your life or not. So, with that said, instead of talking to everyone around you, just sit back and observe people. You will learn more about a person when you stay quiet and let them talk. Whenever you are in recovery, you have to literally cut people out of your life when they become toxic to your new lifestyle.

What do they talk about when they visit you? Do they brighten your day or do they just make you sad? Are you always feeling anxious or overwhelmed when they are around? What do you notice about their body language when you talk to them? Look for clues in your friend’s everyday behavior for clues about their true personality.

Your friend will always give away their true intentions, but you must be paying attention. Do they gossip about other people when they talk to you? If so, then you can guarantee that they are going to gossip about you behind your back. Do you honestly want another person spreading your business to other people, whether true or not?

Are there clues that your friend is using drugs or alcohol? if so, this may become an issue in your personal recovery. You may be okay or strong at first, but it may threaten your sobriety. Can you handle another relapse, just because you chose to have the wrong person in your life?

Has your new friend actually been using you for something? Their actions will show their intent and you won’t have to ask yourself this question for long. Honestly, if you just sit back and observe, you will see all of your new friend’s intentions for yourself.

Try to have healthy relationships with friends that encourage you to do you best. These positive friends will help you become a better person by holding you accountable by chastising your bad actions and cheering your good actions. Be careful of the new friends that you allow in your life, because you don’t want to deal with another toxic relationship,

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PS: I am not a Licensed Therapist! Based on my Personal Experience.


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