Rising Above The Pain

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Everyday, you will face different types of issues, which will make you question your personal strength and your self-esteem. You will face people’s judgment, even though you are not doing anything that you have been accused of committing.

Hold On To Sobriety

Even close friends will tear you apart with their mean judgmental words they say, but then utter the words…I love you! No matter what pain you face, remember that nothing is worth giving into the addiction that you are fighting and recovering from. Honestly, these selfish family members and friends don’t care about how their words affect you as they speak them to you.

Dealing With The Selfishness

Unfortunately, your family and friends can cause an emotional pain that feels like it is crushing your heart, while ripping your mind apart. Mostly you are left wondering what you did to cause this person to say these painful words to you, but let’s be honest because this isn’t the first time. Don’t let the evil in other people’s hearts drive you to an emotional prison, because only you suffer when you withdraw from life and give in to your addictive behavior. Additionally, they don’t care that their own prolonged absence in your life is emotionally painful to you, because they never cared about you in the first place.

Cutting Out The Crushing Pain

No matter how good you are to a friend, the same kindness will never be given to you by that same friend. Instead, they will be selfish and  take everything they can from you, while giving you nothing but empty promises and lies. These selfish friends will put you down constantly for being in pain or disabled, as well as tell you that you are a bad person to them. Never allow someone to make you feel like crap for needing assistance, because these types of snares will cause you to relapse. These same friends put you down if you ask for help in any way, so you have to grow a thick skin and cut them out of your life completely. 

Become Your Own Help 

Start managing your life, by simplifying every aspect of your life and start cutting out those selfish  people that cause you pain. Ask your insurance for a case manager that can help you with your medical needs, as well as ask about getting transportation through your insurance to doctor appts and pharmacies. Make sure you cut out all junk, then you will be able to clean and cook by yourself and care for your pet. Additionally, always save money each week or month for an emergency fund, just in case you may need it to catch a cab to the grocery store or you do have an emergency. 

Setting Goals Changes Things

Always put your faith in God or your higher power, while you line up your ducks in a row each day. Always focus on setting goals, while looking for ways to meet your daily needs like buying groceries or household items through a delivery service. Never give up and never allow anyone to destroy your peace, because you are a warrior who is fighting every day to slay your addiction.  Stay strong and chase recovery, but let go of the hate that is controlling your life that is disguised as a close friend. God or your higher power knows what you need and he will send you the proper help, which will not tear your self-esteem apart. 

God Does Not Like Ugly!

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Crystal S. Amon