Never Allow A Grudge To Win…

By, Crystal S. Kauffman

Holding grudges can tear families apart for years. However, all a family can do is try to make amends and ask for forgiveness.

Unfortunately, the other family member must want to bury the hatchet as well. If the other person does not want to let go of the past, then you must keep moving forward.

Sometimes, people will see that your doing good and that your sober. Many times they just hang on to their past hurt and will hold your past indiscretions against you. Maybe in the future, they will forgive you and you can begin moving forward in your relationship together.

So, for now, just enjoy the future you are making as you keep focusing on your recovery and getting through each new day. Be proud of each moment that your fighting for your own sobriety. It is not easy to enter recovery and rebuild a life, which you can be proud of.

You may need to see a counselor to help you heal from the emotional trauma that had you chasing the dragon and losing your life in the process. Sometimes, you need to deal with the pain that led you into the darkness that became your life before you chose to get clean.

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