Mental Health and the Thoughtless Words People Say

By, Crystal S Kauffman

Do you ever get really upset with people who say thoughtless things when you are dealing with a mental illness symptoms like anxiety or mood changes? Sometimes, people mean well, but they end up hurting you with their own opinions which are not always factually based. For example, if you suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and they try tell you that it is all in your head or your crazy when the symptoms arise.

Unfortunately, many people will tell you thoughtless things that are very hurtful, but you know the truth about your own mind and body. They tell you that your overreacting or that things aren’t that bad, while your entire world is crashing down around you. You have to distance yourself from these types of negative people and focus only on healing yourself.

Most people who say these thoughtless things and more, truly don’t understand mental illness or have not experienced it within their own family. Tell them thank you, but their opinion is not needed or wanted. No matter what, don’t allow the person’s words infiltrate your head or your heart. You must remain strong, especially when you are fighting mental illness or your symptoms will become overwhelming.

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