Keep Your Bullshit Away From Me…

By, Crystal S. Kauffman

Do you get tired of competing with bullshit in other people’s head? Have they unfairly judged you, even though they don’t communicate or hang out with you? If so, tell that person to leave their bullshit right where they found it…in their own head! You don’t have time to reassure someone who hasn’t cared until they decided to judge you or make you feel bad.

Set boundaries with everyone in your life, because this will cause you less drama and heartache. Walk away from those who outright show you that you are nothing to them time after time. You are worth more than some people will treat or show you. Walk away from their constant bullshit, because you should demand more of those who are your loved ones.
Never allow someone to dim your inner light, because you are growing and learning with each new day. Relationships with anyone can be complicated and may even require work, but if your doing all the work. Then, the relationship isn’t valued by the other person as it is to you. No matter what, this person cannot judge you or overstep your boundaries with bullshit they have made up in their own head.

Keep moving toward stronger you with each and every day. Know that you will have to cut people out your life that endanger your recovery or how you feel about yourself. Mark your boundaries in a clear and concise manner, so everyone will know what is acceptable and what is not acceptable.

Be sure to tell them to take their bullshit elsewhere and keep focused on creating a better support system, which doesn’t judge you. Instead, the new friends are helping you to create a sober yet beautiful future that you can be proud of.

Copyrighted 2019