Developing a Self-Care Plan


By, Crystal S. Kauffman

 Sometimes, you just have to learn how to take care of yourself and your needs to get strong and healthy again after dealing with addiction. You have to develop a strict self-care plan that includes a nutritious diet, exercise you can do, and caring for yourself as you break free from addiction. Start by disciplining yourself by keeping your environment organized and clean, whether it’s a room or a home. Practice keeping yourself and your surroundings clean; no matter how you walk away from addiction.

As an addict you tend to let yourself go, so take back your life one step at a time by taking back your personal appearance. Take your self-pride back, but also remember that you need to reward yourself with small rewards whenever you stay sober a week or a month. Learn more about financial management and how to save money, even if it is ten dollars a month or little more to have in case of emergency situation.

Schedule appointments with a doctor to check your physical health and if needed, schedule an appointment with a psychiatrist in order to evaluate your mental health. You may also want to see a counselor, so you can deal with past trauma that led to your addiction and learn healthy coping skills for times when you are stressed. There are numerous online and off-line groups who can help you stay on the path to recovery and will encourage you as needed.

Invest in yourself!               

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