Are You At Rock Bottom?

Well, you have finally managed to hit what many people call,“hitting rock bottom”. This stage or point in life is when you lose everything and everyone you know due to bad choices. Most of the time the series of bad choices is associated with addiction to drugs, alcohol, and mental disorders, and chronic diseases has brought to your knees.

Your world has completely stopped turning because you have just lost your home, your spouse, your job, your children, or even your beloved pets. When this happens, you may feel or think that no one will ever forgive you or speak to you again.

You are absolutely wrong! This is a crucial point in your life that can go bad or good from here. Now, what should you do with your life, since losing everything that meant anything to you? You are where you are because of your recent or long-term bad choices that you have made so far. You can blame everyone around you for the reason that you are angry or depressed. Each of the bad choices was made by you and whoever your blaming it on.

First, are you willing to admit to yourself that you actually do have a problem and that you need to seek out help? Unfortunately, you cannot take away the mistakes you made, but you can begin taking steps toward creating a future that you alone can be proud of. Yeah, it is going to be scary or hard and you may even fail a few times at first, yet keep trying and refuse to give up! No matter how crappy you feel, especially on the days that just won’t end and you feel like you have been battered or bruised.

Just give it all up and let it go, no it’s not easy but that is the only thing you can do. Especially, on days that make you question allthe progress that you have made so far. Be honest with yourself and admit defeat, next admit your own blame and let God or your higher power help you achieve your next goal and so forth. Soon you will gain traction and you will see things begin to change, but this will not happen overnight though.

Believe in yourself and know that you are going try and fail, but you are making good choices which will help you find blessings along the way. You should seek counseling program or other addiction programs like rehab center near you. These rehab centers may also be obtained through your local community centers or church outreach programs. Look around your communityor call your insurance, so you can receive the professional help you will need.

When you’re ready to pick up the scattered pieces of your life, begin by admitting that you need help to someone you trust. Then, you can begin getting the treatment that you need to recover and take back your life. Be willing to make amends, with anyone you hurt whenever you lose control of your life in such a way that you begin spiraling towards your rock bottom. Your worth fighting for, so call someone you trust now and get the help you need.

Remember to focus your energy on learning to love yourself despite your painful past, while taking each future step slowly. Each day is a gift and some days will feel exciting orrefreshing, but some days will feel like you have stepped into a living a nightmare. Don’t let anyone tell you that you cannot change your hopeless situation into a hopeful beginning.

However, first you must be brutally honest with yourself and someone that you trust.

*Suicide is not an option under any circumstances, because you mustremain alive to achieve recovery and healing.*

Disclaimer: I am not a Licensed Therapist or Counselor. I amsharing I what I learned through my own personal experience.

©2019, Crystal S. Kauffman