Becoming Dragon Strong

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My own personal journey with aggressive experimental cervical cancer treatment in 2003 initially caused the disability with my legs and back. Since then, treatment saved my life, yet I have been experiencing chronic pain and a balance issue.

Also, I have Neuropathy in my feet, which has caused falls and has caused me to break my right leg on several occasions. Just this past month, I had to have a metal “IM Nail” put in my leg after an accident a couple months ago. Honestly, during all this, I learned just how strong I truly am! 

I am proud to say that through my spiritual growth during the last few months, while I dug deep to, “Become Dragon Strong!”

No matter what I have faced in my life or been forced to accept  from “life” itself. My spirit animal has helped me discover and embrace my “inner dragon”. I have always been “Dragon Strong” during my own struggle to heal my mind, body, soul, and spirit from all I faced. 

My inner healing power has opened my eyes to the personal struggles others face, as I began finding my spiritual path which has led to helping others who need it. Mostly, I encourage people to write or talk about what’s bothering them.

Written by, Crystal S. Kauffman

Copyrighted May 2021