My Accident and Heartbreaking Loss

My Broken Leg

Today, it has been an entire month, since I broke my leg in a serious fall on Feb 28, 2021. My original disability involves difficulty walking, which ended up being the actual reason that I broke my right leg. Suddenly, I lost my ability to drive and my job which was delivering orders and food with Postmates and driving passengers with Lyft. I knew instantly, I was not going to just get over this injury fast, because my right shin was literally split in two on the inside. 

Unfortunately, my ankle rolled while taking a step off a driveway. I fell right next to my car and my shoe was under car which caused my shin bones to snap. Immediately, I knew I was going to the hospital by the way my right leg was weird looking. This happened in front of a house and luckily there was pillows in the trash. My friend who was with me placed the pillow under me. I called an ambulance and waited for them to arrive. The leg pain was not instant, however the excruciating pain began a few minutes before the paramedics arrived. 

The Heartbreaking Call

My Precious Momma

As I was loaded into an ambulance, I received a devastating call about my sweet mother, who had slipped into a coma and she was on a ventilator. I just lost my twin brother on Feb 2nd and now I am facing the reality of losing my mother too. My momma was running a really high fever that was at 108 which the doctor stated that she will not be the same. He urged us to decide what further treatment once her heart stopped and my heart dropped as I was in a separate ER being treated for my broken leg. 

My little brother and I made the decision that if her heart stops to let her go. This decision tore me apart but I knew I didn’t want her to suffer or be unable to be herself. I knew it would be selfish to hang on to her. So, March 1st my momma’s heart stopped at 2:15 am. I couldn’t got to her so my mom’s adopted daughter stayed with her and kept me notified by phone. I argued with my ER doctor that I will not get off the phone because mom was dying and my leg didn’t matter as much as her. Well, I guess I am eating those words because I was supposed to have surgery on the March 18, 2021, yet I was postponed and made deal with excruciating pain.

Falling Through The Crack


This week, the older splint became unstable, which made me fall in my bathroom after losing my balance. I called in to my orthopedic doctor to get a doctor to help me. The doctor asked me to go to the ER for evaluation and treatment. At the ER, two orthopedic residents broke my leg again to set my leg correctly. They put a new hard splint on my leg, which  was a lot more stable and the doctor said my hasn’t healed at all. They apologized for the doctor allowing my broken leg to fall through the cracks of the healthcare system. The ER doctor knew they had tortured me to set my leg yet he would not write a prescription for pain. Therefore, I filed a grievance against this doctor since he was acting like I was just an addict seeking pain meds. I became angry and called the orthopedic clinic and left a message for the doctor and I am now set for surgery this Tuesday, which is April 6th, 2021. 

Prayers Needed

Please pray for me and my recovery, as I still face my grief of losing my dear sweet momma. Thank you for stopping by and reading my blog, please share. Also, please consider following my blog. I will be writing more blog posts, as I recover from surgery and grieve for my mom and my twin brother who passed within a month of each other. Now, my left knee is in so much pain because it has to bear all my weight right now and unfortunately I am not skinny. Hopefully, my leg will heal soon enough and my heart will always carry my lost loved ones. I know losing my twin brother and my momma was more painful than my leg could ever be, but I must say I am angry with the doctors who dropped me through the cracks and have not even once addressed my pain.

Written by Crystal S. Kauffman

Copyrighted 2021