Today is Year 18!!!

Me and Tidbit 2020

Today, makes 18 years since I survived cancer and I celebrate each year because I know personally that if the experimental treatment failed. Honestly, I would not be here to type this blog tonight and I would not be living with a ton of survivor’s guilt. Almost my entire family was killed by some form of cancer and its effects, which was hard to bear for many years. I know God spared me for a reason and I signed up for counseling three years ago. This saved my life and gave me new purpose, so I began putting money away to move into a better living environment and I was able to get a car.

My entire life has changed and I am so proud of every accomplishment and even my downfalls with depression. I went back to high school and completed four years of college, while I dealt with cancer’s touch in my life and facing the devastating losses of my maternal grandparents, my beloved uncle, my twin brother this Feb. 2nd , 2021. Then, March 1st, 2021, my mother became antibiotic resistant and passed away suddenly after fighting a UTI. Personally, I am shaken by all this but, I wont give up fighting to live every day.

Meet my Mommy

Building My Dream

I have been rebuilding my pet sitting business which is like a doggie daycare, as well as rebuilding and updating my networks and the support community. My writing has helped me the most during the last 18 years, whether I wrote due to happiness or pain. Since, the very night mama died, I been dealing with a broken leg with several fractures and it needs surgery. My story mentoring program has several openings, so let’s write that book you always wanted. Therefore, I am working on my sites and invite you to hire me for anything your business communication needs. Thanks to the doctors and nurses, who helped save my life in Dec. 2002-2003 to Mar. 2003, may I make you proud!


Have a Beautiful Night!