Shaken, Not Stirred!

I don’t own the copyright to this image.

Written By, Crystal S. Kauffman

How many times have you had your entire world shaken up by someone you love and trusted? No one knows exactly how this type of emotional pain and utter betrayal actually affects your life. They will say they do, but they don’t feel what you feel or how profoundly this loss has broken your heart and shaken up your entire life. Unfortunately, you will face some difficult choices, once the betrayal has occurred and you are left picking up the jagged pieces of your heart.

You will still feel the painful sting of betrayal, as you are trying to rebuild your life without the person or persons who chose to break your trust. During the healing process, the initial sting will begin to fade and you will begin facing a range of different emotions. Honestly, you will become very angry when you first learn about the painful betrayal, but soon you will be mourning the complete loss of the close relationship that you once had with this person.  

Now, you will be looking for ways to put your life back together, however some things will be different and you may end up needing counseling to overcome your anxiety or depression. Look for things that make you happy like writing or other forms or arts, as well as reconnecting with your family and friends. Unfortunately, you will have good days and bad days during this emotional time in your life, but you will overcome and become a better version of yourself!

Remember that you are a Warrior!

Copyrighted by, 2020

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