Beat the Holiday Blues

By, Crystal S. Kauffman

You may find yourself becoming depressed around the holiday season, especially when you have no family to spend time with on those special days. Honestly, it is hard to face or even celebrate the holidays, after losing a loved one throughout the past year to illness or even incarceration. This can make you feel like you have no reason to even celebrate the upcoming holidays, but don’t allow yourself to feel this way. However, you have to push past the holiday blues and remind yourself of the many reasons you have to be thankful and to enjoy this holiday season.

Thankfully, you have chosen to change your life and you have been walking on a new path of recovery that shows your progress each new day. You are no longer a slave to a drug, instead you have regained full control of your entire life and you have also gained a freedom that is worth celebrating. Hopefully, you will forgive yourself and celebrate your new found freedom with your close friends and family. If you need someone to talk too, then get yourself to a meeting or call your sponsor immediately.

Even five minutes of depression is too much, so get help immediately for what is making you feel sad and blue. Unfortunately, you will feel like you are facing this situation alone but you must remember that your higher power is listening to you as well. No matter what you are feeling blue about, you can always reach out to your friends and you will find that they need your company as well. So, with that said, get out of your depression and enjoy the holiday season with all those people that you love as well as those that need you too.

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