Learning to Accept That You Were Blindsided

By, Crystal S. Kauffman

Unfortunately, being completely blindsided by someone you trusted to follow what you have agreed upon However, they have chosen withhold crucial information from you that you actually needed to know. This is one of the things that will cause you to feel betrayed. Especially, when you never saw this type of behavior coming and you were led to believe something that is untrue.

Honestly, it doesn’t really matter who has betrayed you, because you feel stupid for even needing or trusting anyone in the first place. Everything that you thought you knew was completely wrong and now you are the dumbass again. This person has suddenly forced you to accept this new reality, which don’t approve of anyway.

This is one the most frustrating parts of the entire betrayal, because you now have no voice and you cannot stop what has happened. Even though you tried to avoid this pain altogether, by handling this yourself but you get blindsided and hurt.

This trauma is seared into your brain and you have tried to forget it, but all you can think about is you made the choice to leave and left them in charge. Avoiding this kind of trauma is hard to do, especially as an emergency is happening again. Always remind yourself that you have been completely shattered by those you thought would respect your choices.

However, you can make a different plan for next time a situation arises, so you don’t get lied to again In those situations.
Change who you let in your inner circle, because then you may find people who actually care about your mental health in any traumatic situation that you may face. They might even care to help you process and with the feelings that you are struggling to understand in the aftermath.

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