Don’t Bleed On Your Loved Ones


By, Crystal S. Kauffman

Don’t hurt others, just because someone hurt you in the past and you are still in emotional pain. Take time to heal yourself, so you can be emotionally available for the people who are in your life. Sometimes, we carry our emotional baggage into new relationships and friendships. This causes issues in the long run, because you end up bleeding all over the people that never hurt you.

You become bitter, grumpy, angry, unhappy, and just plain miserable which causes others to walk on egg shells around you on most days. This is not fair to those who love you, because they deserve more than your hurtful words and actions. Seek professional help, so you can spare your loved ones from your emotional pain bleeding out onto them.

No one can help you with your dance with anger or your emotional baggage. Only you can put a stop to those emotions, which are bleeding out daily. With proper help, you will have a breakthrough and learn to cope with the emotional pain that you carry with you daily. Your family will enjoy the new and improved you, but you will enjoy your new found peace.

Without getting help, you will push everyone away, because you’re allowing your painful past affect your future. Leave your pain in the past and find positive things to fill your life with. Never use a band-aid to cover a deep cut, because you will bleed out on those who you love. Never give up on creating a better you, since everyone in your life deserves to see you happy not angry.

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