Are Your Excuses Holding You Back?

Sometimes, you hold yourself back from experiencing something exciting or new in your life, because you become resistant to change. Unfortunately, you hide behind your long list of excuses, which you have created to protect yourself from what you think may be a painful or bad experience. You choose to stay home, instead of making an appearance at our loved one’s special events or other community functions. You don’t want to suffer the anxiety of not knowing what may happen, once you leave our self-made comfort zone you have created.

The truth is that you have become so complacent in your own excuses that you tend to miss out on some incredible moments with the people you truly love. You unintentionally hold yourself back from having a good time, because you cannot get out of your own damn head. Basically, you choose to let your excuses determine the type of life that you will live from day to day. Soon, you stop having fun with the people you love and you begin to self-destruct from overthinking or guilt.

You should try visiting your loved ones or going on an outing, even if you don’t stay for very long or even stay for the entire event. Honestly, we must not allow yourself to be controlled by excuses caused by your own insecurities or anxieties. You must break out of the cage that your mind has put you into, since you began hiding behind your excuses. Always remember, that you are have a right to smile and to feel loved, but you cannot feel it sitting on your couch alone and hiding from the part of the world that has disappointed you.

You will feel different emotions a you begin to stick yourself out there again, but you know your alive as long as your heart is still racing. You only so much time on this earth and you can hide with excuses or open yourself up to feel the passion of every moment with people who love you. Time to choose your future path, now that you recognize that you are actually hurting yourself by continuing to isolate yourself.

Copyrighted by, 2019, Crystal S. Kauffman