Living My Dream

Having my own place means so much to me, because I struggled and worked hard to make this happen for me. I chose to pet sit and work with my wonderful clients for months while renting a room with a friend.

I worked day and night, in order to build myself back up by accomplishing each goal that I set forth in front of me. I started with a smartphone and eventually was given a laptop but it had operating system issues. Finally, I earned enough to buy a Windows 10 computer with a Wi-Fi connection available.

One day, one of my good friends was moving out of a RV he was renting. I told him to tell his landlord that I wanted the RV and I met with the owner and moved in the next day. God blessed me when he put me with this landlord because we are more than landlord/tenant…we’re good friends!

I have been ridiculed by people I love for choosing to live in an RV. However, I love the RV live and I would not change a thing about my life right now. I take pride in my home, so I keep it clean and organized. I am so proud of myself, because I never thought I could make it on my own.

Here I am killing it and living out my dream that I have had for over 27 years. Since, my papa brought home his first RV and I used to go hang out in it. Papa and I talked about traveling across the states while I wrote about our adventures. He never got to live out his dream, but I can chase my dreams starting now.

Eventually, I will get a bigger RV that can travel. That is in the future, but today I am just taking it one day at a time and enjoying my home and my new found friends who are my landlord and neighbors. I am blessed to be surrounded by people who care about me and I care about them. We cook together and help each other in many different ways.

So, as I close this blog post tonight and get ready for bed, I am going to say a special prayer thanking God for all that he has done for me. Without his grace and mercy, I would not be actually living out my dream.

©By, Crystal S, Kauffman, 2018


  1. As you know, my partner and I share your love for the RV life. We cannot wait until ours is repaired and we’re back in it. So happy for you!

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