Breaking the Stigma

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Written by, Alexis A. Walker, Guest Blogger

I want to talk about something that is not exactly an easy subject for me. And it is something that holistic health and herbal medicine is helping with because nothing else has. I have multiple mental disorders. Borderline personality disorder, bipolar II with psychotic tendencies, binge eating disorder, ADD, OCD and mild PTSD and have recently been diagnosed with IED (intermittent explosive disorder).

Because of these labels that have been plaster to me, I have a hard time functioning in public. Most of my friends and family have abandoned me, most of my doctors don’t believe me or have completed refused to work with me and even my spouse sometimes has a hard time knowing what to say to me. I do my best to make it through each new hurdle, but between the voices in my head and the voices from everyone around me telling me how messed up I am, it’s hard.

There is such a stigma against the mentally ill…that we are lazy, or useless, or selfish when we attempt suicide because we can’t take the constant pain anymore, or when we lash out for no apparent reason and are viewed as ticking time bombs. That is not all we are. Not even close. I am an entrepreneur, I am an empath, I love and care so deeply it hurts, I help others any chance I can.

I learn every chance I can and am constantly trying to overcome these illnesses and better my life and the lives of those around me. I am a creator, a crafter, a woman who can see the beauty in a piece of copper wire and turn it into something amazing. Please, if you know or meet someone with a mental illness, do not treat them as fragile and different and be scared of them, embrace them with open arms.

People with mental illnesses can be some of the most honest and nicest people you will ever meet, they can be loving and caring and kind. All we ever ask for is for you to respect us as you would yourself.

Thank you,

Alexis A. Walker

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