Help Me Bring Christmas Cheer to Nursing Home Patients

person in hospital gown using walking frame beside hospital bed
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Dear Friends…Please Read This Post!

Hey everyone, I am currently collecting items to bless the lives of the patients at my mom’s nursing home. I will have a general need for fleece throw blankets and dollar figurines. Just something that lets patients know that someone cares about them, especially those who don’t have regular visits.

I am working with a nursing home this year to bring some joy to the patients at Christmas time. I need help with Christmas Greeting Cards, Figurines, stuff animals (brand new), and fleece Throw Blankets or small blankets.

I would love to make their day brighter by giving them something that they need and can cherish. A warm fleece throw blanket will hug the patient every time they use it. If you can help, please message Crystal S. Amon!

We have until Dec. 18th to get the supplies together…

Please consider helping me and my volunteers that I have gathered for to help manage this project. If you want too, you may send a donation to through Paypal.

All donations will be used for buying what we will need to reach every patient. Also, as per request, please donate candy canes.

About 400 patients.

Please message Crystal S. Amon for my street address.

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