Creating Your Own Writing Space

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Are you thinking about joining the freelance writing world, whether you choose to publish and submit your completed work online or offline?  If so, begin by finding and creating a small office area, which will allow you to enter the magical world of freelance writing. You must develop several social media profiles like Facebook or Twitter to connect with other freelance writers, but be sure to listen to any tips or advice they give you as a new freelance writer.

First, you will need to set an office area with a sturdy desk or table, a desktop or laptop, and a good printer with paper. You will need a comfortable chair because you will be in it most of the day or night while writing. Additionally, you will need printer paper and notebook paper, as well as several pencils and pens in a cup. Pick out a decent reading lamp and then install an office program like Microsoft Office or Open Office. Make sure that you have enough space to work in since you will be taking many different reminder notes.

Second, look for a cup to keep pencils and pens in, which will allow you to save time by not looking for something to write with. Always keep a pencil sharpener and paper clips on your new desk, because you will use them daily. Be sure to leave enough room in your office for a small filing cabinet or some file boxes. You will be responsible for keeping records of your work, both online and offline for tax or business purposes.

Third, create a blog online with a blogging platform Blogger or WordPress, which will allow you to submit new blog post or articles. Pick out a special place to keep your references books like the dictionary or the tips for freelance writing book. As you pursue your freelance writing career, you will find that your career can stay on track, if you stay organized! Always back up files your work into the computer’s hard drive and a thumb drive, as well as sending them to OneDrive or another cloud program.

Fourth, Choosing your own writing space can be as simple as rearranging some furniture in your bedroom or in a quiet space in the house. Either way, you should choose a place that is away from all of the household distractions. Then, you can allow your creative juices flow, as you concentrate on creating a daily writing habit and building your client list by social networking with others.  Furthermore, you can adjust your writing space as you see fit, once your career begins to grow and expand.

Finally, you will need to establish a daily writing schedule, but you must pick a time that your creative juices will be flowing. Start, by setting some ground rules about your writing space with your family and friends. Ask each member to refrain from disturbing you, during your official writing time and turn your phone’s ringer off.  Now, sit down and let your mind enter the magical world of your own mind, so you can start writing about anything that comes to your mind.

Copyrighted by, Crystal S. Kauffman, 2018