Women are Changing Society’s View Daily

Many of today’s women are sassy, educated, and beautifully broken emotionally from failed relationships. These women are tired of the selfish men, who want the women to stroke and feed their ego, but will not ever respect them because they are a woman. Some women have chosen to never to marry again or at all, because it can cause a major shift in the balance of power.

Unfortunately, most women are tired of being told that they actually, “need” a man by good meaning people. Many older people still believe that marriage is the only way for woman to be happy and cared for properly. So, they make comments about finding a man that can help a woman raise her children. Most selfish men have expected women to juggle everything and please them too.

Most women know they can be the Queen of their entire domain, without having to ever depend on a man. The best gift ever given to a young lady is learning to care for themselves. They can fix a flat tire or fix the house, because they don’t believe in gender bias.

Throughout history, strong women like the Queen of England have made an impact on each new generation of young women. This new generation of strong-willed women are learning how to be self-sufficient and to stop allowing a man to have absolute power. The balance of power has shifted and women are learning to educate themselves and micro-manage their life as needed.

They don’t need to marry a man just to validate their sexual needs or to have children even. Instead, women are now voicing what they want from a man and not accepting anything other than what they want.

Many times, women just want respect and love from a true-life partner that becomes their best friend and lover who will help them achieve their dreams. They don’t want to be controlled by someone, who thinks he is the King and believes only his needs matter in the relationship.

Each individual woman is building her own personal kingdom, in which she is in control of her own life and she make choices. She is the one, who chooses whom she will allow inside her kingdom.

Women have overcome so much adversities and began changing the way that society sees women throughout the past few decades. Women no longer want to be rescued by a white knight or a prince, instead they want a person that will be a loyal partner and best friend for life. Honestly, they want the same thing that men want like respect and their needs met on a daily basis.

Copyright by, Crystal S. Kauffman, 2018