Pull Up Your Big Girl Panties

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Facing change is always difficult and uncomfortable, because of the fear of not knowing how the changes will actually affect your immediate future. However, sometimes you are excited about having the chance to experience something new in you life or to be shown a different way of life than you have previously known.

These changes will allow you to grow and gain strength that you never even knew that you possessed inside of you. Now, it is time to put on your big girl panties and never let anyone hold you down, even when all you can see is your own mistakes in front of your face.

Never allow any person to control your life through manipulation or guilt, because no one is perfect and that means you are not perfect either. Take time to reset your way of thinking and gather your strength once more. As you begin to rise out of the ashes that was once called your life, you will find out that you have had learned some valuable lessons throughout your journey.

You may feel some type of negative way about the way your life has ended up being, even though you tried your hardest to make the relationship workout.

Somehow, you have chosen not to give up on yourself, because you know you are a beautiful person on the inside and out.

Unfortunately, you loved and trusted the wrong person, who always made you feel like you were crazy or you were always the problem. You were not the reason behind their choice to lie and cheat, but of course this person will find a way to twist the facts to make everything see, like it is your fault.

Stop, don’t even give this person any of your head space, because the truth is they didn’t love you enough to be honest and faithful.
Honestly, you owe this person nothing, not even a second thought about your choices or an ounce of doubt in yourself.

Keep putting on your big girl panties and keep moving forward, while keeping your mind focused on making a better life for yourself and those you love. Never give anyone a second thought, especially those persons who have made your life difficult due to their individual choices and lies.

Truth is…You deserve respect and a honesty, so never settle for anything less from someone who is a part of your life.

Copyrighted by, Crystal S. Kauffman and Imogen Rayne


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