STOP…Just Breathe!

Do you ever feel like “your entire world” is sitting on the top of your shoulders and every person in your life from the youngest to the oldest is depending on you to help each one in different ways? Your family needs you to keep a roof over their head, as well as provide food and electric service. Somehow, it has become your responsibility to hold everything together, as well as provide food and other household needs. When all the bills are due and everyone has disappeared. However, you are struggling just to keep yourself together. Sometimes, you feel like no one in “your world” really cares whether you are falling apart or not. Instead, they just keep demanding more from you, especially when you have absolutely nothing to give them or anyone.

Many times, you just need a strong shoulder to lean on not a hero to save you. Honestly, you don’t need someone to come in “fix” the issues you are facing, yet you do need a true friend that understands that even the strongest people can and will break under the extreme pressure you are facing. Do you feel like you’d rather be alone than to hang around or argue with people who have already judged you in their mind? Some people mean well, but they say some really stupid stuff to you when you are already at your breaking point.

Honestly, no one can truly understand your situation, because as humans we all process things differently. We all walk through our own personal battles, some are very public and some are not ever seen. The emotional pain can rip you apart, but you just hold head up and you keep going because you know that your kids or spouse depend on you to pay bills and to feed them.

So, you have not been given a choice as to what you can do or handle. However, you’re not broken yet and its time to buckle up buttercup. You are in for a bumpy ride, which may end up saving your own life in the long run. First, observe the people in your life and remove the ones who are toxic. They don’t help you, instead, they are the type that uses you and kicks you while you’re already down.

Then, begin removing these people from your life immediately who are constantly critical and judgmental of you. You cannot handle all of your daily responsibilities with negative words being thrown like darts at you every time this person is around you. Next, find time every day make yourself happy, even if it is only a short timespan. Focus on a hobby or whatever you are passionate about. Change your life instead of allowing people to mistreat and abuse you. Know this, you are worth more to the right people, so go find them and let go of anyone who makes you feel like your being bullied. Therefore, when you feel like your drowning, just stop and breathe.

Copyrighted by, Crystal S. Kauffman, 2018