Intent-sive Nature?

What Is The Meaning Behind Healing Jewelry by Lyn Lomasi at Intent-sive Nature?

by Lyn Lomasi; Co-owner of Brand Shamans & Write W.A.V.E. Media

I’m Lyn Lomasi and among many ventures, I create healing jewelry in our family healing, hobby, & arts store, Intent-sive Nature. What qualifies me and what’s the meaning behind my healing jewelry?

Intuitive Healing of the Heart, Mind, Body, & Soul

Ever since I was a small child, I’ve always been a natural intuitive healer, as well as a creator of many artforms. Before I was too young to know what it was and what my calling would come to be, I always had an interest in helping and healing others through love and nature’s energies. I always seem to know what people need when they are sick, feeling down, or otherwise needing some sort of help or guidance. This empathic nature inside of me has been true for as long as I can remember.

Becoming an Expert Intuitive Healer

Again, I am a natural intuitive healer. Throughout the years, I’ve learned to accept my intuitiveness and healing capabilities. This led to studying various religions and traditions of my ancestors and others. Those I have most been drawn to include many Native American traditions (which makes sense as I do have a great deal of native heritage), as well as some wisdom from Earth Magick and several other cultures and religions that acknowledge the natural vibrations in ourselves and natural objects, like crystals. However, I myself do not claim any specific religion. Some may refer to my healing actions and abilities as shamanistic, since I am relying on the forces of nature to wield my creations.

About My Artisan Healing Jewelry

My artisan healing jewelry is completely one of a kind. Each piece is made using energy from my heart and soul, as well as from nature. It’s my mission to help people heal their mind, body, and soul while expressing themselves with the pieces I create uniquely for them. I feel the natural vibrations of each component (such as gemstones and crystals, which have their own energies and meanings) and that tells me what they want to become, based on several factors. When it’s a custom piece, what that person wants and needs is also factored in.

About Gemstone Meanings & Healing Interpretations

I simply use what the Earth provides to us all. If you do the research, you will easily see that gemstone meanings and the healing interpretations of each stone tend to be the same throughout various cultures and belief systems. This is because they are a natural occurrence and the gemstones and crystals are not associated with any one religion or belief system. They are simply a tool that can be used as both the creator and wearer intend for them to be used.

The Importance of Intent During Creation of Healing Jewelry

Intent is extremely important when choosing an artisan for your healing jewelry. The artisan should be one that only works with positive intent and has only good intentions, YOUR greater purpose, and YOUR healing in mind during the creation of the project. It is possible to do this with general pieces, as well as custom pieces if the artisan puts the correct intent into the pieces. However, be aware of those who will perform actions for others that may have ill will in mind. This is something you will never see me even think about. I only ever put out love, positive, and healing thoughts and intent when creating any protection or healing jewelry.

I do not create pieces that would wish harm upon anyone. If this is what you seek, look elsewhere.

The Importance of Cleansing

Cleansing of the crystals and stones, as well as charging them under a full moon are also important. The full moon gives these natural stones an extra burst of energy. All of my healing crystals and gemstones have been cleansed with good intent by me, as well as charged under a full moon. I do this whenever I get a new shipment of crystals and stones, even if I need to wait to use them. I also recharge all of the stones and crystals in my stock each time there is a full moon and if possible, I charge the jewelry once it is made. The cleansing is something the wearer should do upon receiving them as well. This is to ensure that all energies are toward the wearer and any energies from others are wiped clean.

What Materials Do I Use?

Some of the materials I use include natural crystals and gemstones, glass and stone beads, nickel-free findings, recycled vintage jewelry parts, and many other materials. Being green is important to me, so I like to use items from nature, as well as used or vintage items that can be repurposed or upcycled to help create less waste and more enjoyment.

If you still have questions about my healing jewelry, feel free to contact me via my secure “Ask Lyn” form.


Thank you to Lyn for stopping to Guest Blog with me today. You will love her jewelry as much as I do. She is the best!