Free Wigs for Cancer Patients

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Did you know that most cancer patients have experienced some form of embarrassing hair loss? These patients have suffered and endured so much, in order to treat the cancer that is growing inside their body. The treatment plan that cancer patients are forced to endure is saving the patient’s lives, but the side effects of the treatment can be utterly devastating to the patient.

Unfortunately, they struggle with serious self esteem issues that actually begin once the patient loses their hair. Many chemotherapy patients have dealt with the devastating loss of their hair, which can damage the patient’s own self esteem. Basically, most cancer treatment plans can cause temporary hair loss in some patients. As soon as the treatment plan has been completed, most patients will begin growing their hair back.

However, some kinds of chemotherapy drugs can actually cause permanent hair loss in some patients. Honestly, most patients have no idea that there is actually local help for cancer patients who are in need of a wig and its free.

Thankfully, the several organizations are offering complimentary wigs to local cancer patients. Some wigs will have actual real human hair, which is donated by many local volunteers in the community. Other wigs may be made out of synthetic hair that is almost like real thing. Contact local organizations that work with cancer patients and ask about their free wigs.

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