Words of Faith

Mr. Johnny Jr. O’neal

Everyday I wake up I am fighting 3 things. The world, my flesh, and the devil. The things of this world entice us, but never full fill us and weren’t meant to. My flesh desires things that lead to my death of I’m not putting it to death.

The enemy who uses my weakness against me and will gift wrap things but inside it’s a bear trap. God is in control yes, and uses things to test my faith and grow me and prepare me.

But in that, I have decisions I must make constantly that have consequences. Everyday we must realize that we are 1 bad decision from life or death. I must pick up my cross daily, and in doing that I choose life in it’s fullness.

Choose to live. Speak life to others. Be the salt of the earth, the light of the world. We should impact the world, not let the world impact us! Be that city lit up on the hill that the whole town below can see from a distance.

God bless.

Written by, Johnny Jr. O’neal on Facebook.

Copyrighted 2018

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