Caitlyn Jenner: Transitioning into a Woman

By, Crystal S. Kauffman, Staff Writer


Caitlyn Jenner (formerly known as Bruce Jenner) has her own reality show, which is chronicling her transition from a man into a woman. Caitlyn or Cait indentify herself as transgender, however she was able to transition so quickly in isolation and she didn’t learn all that she needed too.

An interesting moment happened, when Scott (Kourtney K. Husband) came by to see Caitlyn. They both talked and Scott really seemed to understand that she was truly happy, even happier than in the past.
They discussed the famous Vanity Fair Article, where Scott explained why the family was angry. In the next few episodes, Kim K. West stopped by to talk to Cait about the article as well.

She pointed out things she thought were unfair and asked Cait not to bash the family on her rise to fame. Additionally, Caitlyn visited Khloe K. at her house and she spoke with Caitlyn about the article. Basically, Khloe asked Cait not to bash her mother Kris and that she should explain herself better to Kylie and Kendall.

Finally, Caitlyn musters up the strength to call Kris Jenner and he invites her to come over for a talk to her about the kids and other stuff. The next day, she showed up and was pleasantly surprised, by how she looks and how good she is doing. They begin talking and Kris admits she is having problems, because she is mourning the man he used to be for 25 years…Bruce Jenner! Thankfully, the talk allows them to start anew and they agree to talk more about the kids.

Then, Caitlyn finally meets a group of women, who are transgender and accepting of Cait. Suddenly, Caitlyn feels ecstatic and elated to be in a group of women that understand how she is feeling. Caitlyn whisks the women on a road trip and they all enjoy themselves, while talking about how they felt during each of their transitions in to women hood. As Caitlyn, she is honest about how she feels and about things she doesn’t know.

The friendly group of women helped Cait to identify with the LGBT community in her city and state, which help her find a new purpose in life. She went to several places and listen to youth who transitioned young and parents that have been supporting their child’s choice. In addition, Caitlyn met other adult women who are transgender, but she learned that it is hard them to find job because they are transgender.

Caitlyn also created a naming ceremony to announce her new name, but it was also for the other women in her group as well. Boy George and Candis sang for the ceremony and it was absolutely nice and beautiful. The tabloids have said the Candis and Caitlyn are dating, but they are actually really good friends. They spend a lot of time together, because are both transgender and they enjoy each other’s company.

Amazingly Caitlyn’s mother had broken her hip, but that didn’t stop her from coming to visit her new daughter. Caitlyn’s sisters came with their mother and each accepted her for who she was, instead of putting her down. At the Espy Awards, Caitlyn shined as she received her award and gave her speech which was from her heart. Both Caitlyn’s family was there and her children were there, as each person cheered her on and the crowd cheered as well.

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