Dancing With Anger

By, Crystal S. Kauffman, Staff Writer


Give me this moment father,
I don’t want to be a bother.
Calm the rage I feel,
Love me, as I start to heal.

I will not complain or cry,
Watch me as I fly.
Tomorrow I will grow my wings,
Start to fly and handle things.

I made my own prison of sin,
Some blame what I grew up in,
Never knowing love that I should,
Most of my life I felt misunderstood.

Holding on to a dream will all my might,
Standing against the odds I will fight.
To stubborn to give up or to quit,
No matter the blow or the hit.

Not even cancer can take my desire,
Or my passion that burns like a fire.
Burning my soul, as I face this pain,
My eyes are left with tears that stain.

Your love is what I have inside,
So, therefore I will not hide.
I will stand and take all I can,
With you holding my hand.

Lost and pushing straight,
Patiently, I will forever wait.
Nothing can stop me now,
Only you can show me how.

Life is hard, without you here,
Take my soul and hold it near.
I don’t know what my future will hold,
Please, don’t let my anger leave me cold.

PS: I wrote this poem in 2008, when I was dealing with a lot of anger for various reasons. I have learned to forgive and I feel so relieved that I do not feel this way anymore. However, you may be dancing with you own anger. I hope this poem speaks to you and allows you to forgive on make peace with those you are angry at. You don’t forgive for them, instead you forgive for yourself.

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