Mental Health & Stress Level Can Affect Your Overall Health

By, Crystal S. Kauffman, Staff Writer


Stress can have different affects on the human body, which is why there is not a one medication or approach to handling mental stresses in life. Some people try using stress management techniques, but they don’t always work. Whenever, you are in the stressful situation, sometimes these techniques you have learned will help. Other times, they don’t work and you may get angry at the situation you are in that is causing stress or depression.

Therefore, there are other tips and tricks that someone can try, in order to relieve their anxiety or stress. The stress management techniques focus on helping a person change themselves or their situation whenever they can. However, sometimes a person cannot change a stressful in their life for didn’t reason. These situations can cause too much stress and anxiety, which may lead to a depressive mood.

A person needs to change their way thinking and behavior, when learning healthier ways to cope with the situation. They begin by changing their thoughts, their lifestyle, emotions, and the way the react to certain situations. However, some people need other ways to alleviate stress like: physical activity, keeping a journal, medication, and prayer or spiritual help. Keeping a stress journal can help patient or the doctor to discover exactly what the stress triggers are and how they can avoid those stresses all together.

Some people will need medication to help their anxiety level, while other can do simple breathing exercises. Many people just need to take time out of their busy day and stop to relax while smelling the roses. The patient can get on the right treatment plan and start their journey towards feeling better. Additionally, the patient’s mental health and stress level can make them sick and cause other issues like: anxiety or depression.

A person should never be afraid to ask for help, because they just might find healthier ways to handle stressful situations. Learning new coping techniques can help lessen the stress level that a person is dealing with. An overwhelming stress can affect a person’s mental and physical health, but exercise and learning healthy coping skills can help alleviate stress. Therefore, it is important for people of all ages to see a doctor, whenever they are feeling overwhelmed by the stresses in their life.

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