Burmese Python: South Florida’s New Threat

By, Crystal S. Kauffman, Staff Writer


The neighborhood residents in South Florida are facing a potential threat, which is roaming their neighborhoods. This new threat has residents that are living in fear of an exotic snake species that is called the Burmese Python. The National Wildlife Federation (2009), believes that these snakes were once pets, which became too big for their owners to handle. After being released in the wild, these abandoned pets began growing and rapidly reproducing.

Dangerous Neighbor

However, throughout the years, the snake population has expanded into the southeastern region of the United States. Now, experts believe that these snakes are becoming a major threat to the endangered species living in this habitat. No one is safe from this threat, since this species of snake can grow to over “20 ft” and weigh in at about “200lbs”. Each resident of South Florida are at risk of attack, even inside their own homes.

Population Expands

According to the Clark (2009), these enormous snakes have already invaded the Key West area. Now, officials are “warning residents” and establishing a “hotline” for residents to call when they spot one. These giant ambush predators are on the hunt for a meal, so residents must closely supervise their animals and children. These monstrous snakes can hide under a bed or inside of a closet, while waiting patiently to ambush their unsuspecting prey.

Northern Bound

Nevertheless, if something doesn’t change, these giant snakes will continue moving north. They will move to marshy lands, as they hunt for more food as they population continues to expand. According to NFW (2009), Florida’s officials have established ways for residents to protect themselves from these snakes. However, it is vital for South Florida’s residents to be cautious and protect themselves from these giant snakes.

Changes Needed

Some southern cities are training volunteers and hiring professionals to help capture these massive snakes. Homeowner’s are even trying to make sure their home is snake resistant, by leaving them no place to hide. Furthermore, parents and pet owners should also take precaution against these giant predators. This type of proactive attitude will help keep your loved ones safe, while officials work tirelessly to solve this expanding threat.


In conclusion, South Florida’s is facing new threats, as this massive bohemian began expanding into the surrounding areas. Fortunately, officials have warned residents about this giant predator. If something isn’t done soon, this new threat will begin ambushing those victims in its quest to find food. Therefore, officials and residents are fighting back, while becoming proactive against these invaders.


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©2009, Crystal S. Kauffman

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