THERA TEARS-A Dry Eye Drops That Really Works!


At the end of last year, I had to have an eye test, because I noticed changes in my vision. I got an adjustment in my prescription and a new pair of glasses from Designer Eyewear on Normandy Ave., which is in my hometown of Jacksonville, FL. My eye doctor discussed a few things with me after the eye exam was over. First of all, he assured me that I had no diabetic bleeds in my eyes. I was worried, because I have diabetes type 2 and I’m a working hard to find a happy medium. Second, we discussed my itchy, yet dry eyes that irritate me and have made me slow down in writing.

He suggested that I use another brand of lubricant eye drops, but the bottle was very expensive. After reading the ingredients on each brand I looked at, I finally settled on THERA TEARS-Lubricant Eye Drops. Immediately, I started using this brand of eye drops over two months now. I was instructed to use it four times a day. Now, my eyes feel really good and I don’t have issues with dry eyes or itchy eyes. I love this product and if you have dry eyes like me. Check it out for yourself and see if this product can help you too.

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