Getting Organized Can Help Students Succeed!

orginzation 2As a college student, I found that I needed to get organized and I needed to do it quickly. I decided to go buy everything I needed to begin getting prepared to start organizing my home office. My husband spent a few days making our spare room into a beautiful office for me in our old home. Thus I began my journey to getting my school work organized, while also writing for the two companies that I wrote for consistently. My husband built another office in our home for me, which I absolutely adore!

First, I bought over twenty spiral (one subject) notebooks at Wal-Mart for ten cents a piece, so I could take notes for each and every class separately.  I waited till the Back to School specials came out.  Thankfully, my aunt gave me a lot of stuff I needed like: printer paper, notebook paper, folders, more spiral notebooks, and pens. I went to a yard sale and found a two stackable red basket. This came in handy, because I used the top basket to put my writing ideas in, until I needed them. Additionally, I had chosen to use a spiral notebook to take notes, especially when ideas began flowing for articles or novels.

Second, I used the bottom part of the red, stackable basket as a place to keep my syllabus for each class that I was in. Next, I would write the name of the class and the instructor’s name on the front of the spiral notebook. Furthermore, I keep the important information I needed: like the instructor’s phone number and their email. I used the spiral notebook to keep notes and the handouts were in a folder. This helped me tremendously, because I had everything in one spot and I didn’t have to look through stacks of papers to find the notes that I needed.

However, when the class was over, I just placed the used notebook and folder in the file cabinet. In addition, I put my hand outs and the syllabus in folders which marked with the class’s name.  By getting organized, I noticed that I never lost anything that I needed for each class and I received high marks for my grades. This way, I never got my class notes mixed up or lost the important information that I needed.

By staying organized, you will find everything you need to complete the class. There are many other ways to stay organized, so choose what is best for you and your situation. How do you stay organized, since becoming a high school or college student? I you are an author, how do you stay organized an on track? Thank you for your ideas and comments ahead of time!

©2015, Crystal S. Kauffman/Original Post

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