The 30 Day Challenge for to Feeling Better Again!


Before my 30 day challenge. 

Have you been feeling down or depressed when you are alone? Are you having a hard time facing each new day? Well, I am trying a 30 day plan that I thought of recently, during a soul searching day. I am disabled and I am at home every single day…All day long! I used to get up and lounge in comfy clothes like: pajamas sweat pants, socks, sweater, and t-shirts. Well one day, I had a really bad day and I had an epiphany that has changed my whole sense of self-worth. I started asking the hard questions that anyone ask when they are soul searching.

  • How can I change my inner feelings and thoughts?
  •  How can I make a difference in my life that will start right now?
  • How can I feel beautiful again?
  • Can this new plan work?
  • Can I be consistent with the plan?
  • What should I do?
  • How can I be beautiful with a plus size curvy body?

That day, it was already 2 PM, but I got up and dressed up in a beautiful blue dress a friend gave me as a gift. I went through my makeup and found my favorite colors, in order to make a makeup box I can use. My 30 days of getting dressed up and applying my makeup, at least 30 minutes after I wake up. I think positively about everything lately. I try to keep garbage out of my head and focus on bettering myself. No one can change my life, but me and I choose to celebrate my accomplishments! No negative thoughts and that was a hard on for me, but I overcame it.

I had to forgive and get over my anger, which was making me depressed due to guilt. Now I feel beautiful and I have some weight that I still want to drop. I am hoping to figure out a better way to exercise, where I will not hurt myself. I usually pick a song on my playlist and try to move my entire body doing a certain dance. Nothing hard, but I am doing this at least six times a day at different times of the day. Sometimes, I just exercise sitting down, by squeezing my stomach muscles or using resistance that my brother-in-law taught me years ago.

So, I challenge every house wife to try this 30 day plan! See if it makes you feel better about yourself, like it has for me. Furthermore, your significant other will love the new change as well. They will fall in love with you all over again, because you will have a closer relationship. Having a new positive outlook can help you change friendships and be a better person to be around. You will feel so empowered and feel so beautiful. You can continue getting beautified everyday and renew your mind at the same time. Take the challenge starting tomorrow. Try 30 days of positive beauty! Thanks for reading my tidbits on beautifying yourself each day.


Me after my 30 day challenge. 


©Crystal S. Kauffman

Author of Ana’s Stand!