Information About My Novel “Ana’s Stand”

Author Crystal S. Kauffman 2015
Author Crystal S. Kauffman

I am so excited! My first novel Ana’s Stand will be out on Feb. 1st, 2015. I will need everyone’s help to get the word out about my new novel. I will post the book cover, once it has been made available.

Ana’s Stand will available in e-book format or paperback version. I am so thankful for everyone’s help in promoting and purchasing this book, as it becomes available on Feb. 1st, 2015. Please share as much as you can and if you would like to on my Street Team, please add me as a friend me on Facebook and let me know. (XOXOXO)

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About Ana’s Stand

This is an inspirational yet dramatic story about Ana, an African American teenage girl, who took a stand against school violence. Ana and her best friend Nikki felt completely helpless against the prejudice, racism, and bigotry that they were forced to endure. The teenagers reached out for help to stop the school violence, but the violence followed them home. Ana watched in horror as their teenaged racist white neighbor named Jason, struck Nikki with his car and drove off.

Ana felt so helpless after she almost lost her best friend that day, as well as dealing with the emotional pain and the aftermath of the senseless incident. Nikki struggled to regain her independence, after the incident that changed her entire life. Ana decided to take a stand and create a program named SAVE US at school. This program inspired her classmates to make pledge against violence. Thanks to the adults that helped her, the club began to grow and soon the program was implemented into other schools in her town. 

After some time, Nikki received a heartfelt letter from Jason, who is serving time in prison for the incident that changed her life forever. Jason asked Nikki to forgive him for his actions, as well as the pain he had caused her and her family. Nikki struggled with many types of emotions on whether to forgive him for what he did to her. In addition, Ana is faced with whether to forgive the person, who is responsible for her best friend’s pain and new struggles.   

Let Ana inspire you to make your own stand against school violence!

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