Never Stop Loving Your Child

Elderly Parents with Adult Children

I was asked by a friend, “What I would do if my daughter had killed or neglected her child?”, while watching the Casey Anthony trial. Honestly, I could only say that I would not approve of what she did and I may be angry. However, I would love her unconditionally and try to get her the help she needs, until my last breath on this earth. I couldn’t stop thinking about my friend’s question, so I began wondering if there was a legitimate reason to stop loving your children.

I thought about this question for a few months before writing this article, because I decided to look at every scenario that could make a parent stop loving their child. I know that some parents have endured abusive or disrespectful behavior from their child, while their young or as an adult. Additionally, I wondered about how some parents may have cut contact with their adult child, due to the way they have treated them in the past.

However, I know most parents never stop loving their child, even when they do make huge mistakes that hurt themselves or others. A few reasons exist, which may cause a parent not to contact or visit their adult children. Despite the best parenting in the world, loving children may still grow up to make mistakes and do bad things as an adult. Some adult children can end up in prison for the horrible things they do, which causes the parents to question their parenting skills.

As a parent, you may feel that your adult child is abusing you financially or even physically, so you have all right to cut contact with them. Never let them bully you or abuse you, because you do not deserve this type of treatment. Additionally, you may feel that they only contact you, when they want or need something from you. It is normal to feel frustrated and annoyed, but you have to put your foot down to let them know that you will not allow this kind of behavior to continue.

Honestly, there is never any reason to stop loving your own children, but you can show them tough love and not enable them to hurt you any longer. Put a stop to abuse and any bad behavior, by asking for help through someone you trust. Take time to pray for them, while understanding that God can change their heart and their attitude towards you. Most of all, pray that God can heal the broken relationship, before you lose too much precious time with your child.