Random Acts of Kindness….Pass it On!

This picture was taken in 2007., during our Blankets of Hope Projects.
This picture was taken in 2007., during our Blankets of Hope Projects.

About Picture

This year, while gathering up Christmas presents for your family and friends. Try to grab a gift or two for a neighbor that you know has no family or a family that may be under privileged. These little random acts of kindness will bring joy to those, who may be lonely or feel sad during the holiday season.

For example. this picture  taken in 2007, when we first started giving out gifts and blankets to those who have no one during Christmas at cancer centers, nursing, homes, or other places joy is needed. Additionally, this particular year in 2007, my children and I visited the trauma unit at Shands during our give away.

Laugh at Cancer Support Community is so thankful for the many different donations, which have been given to us over the years. Since, these simple presents brought joy into the lives of many others. The idea for the support community and the blankets and small gifts came from examples in my own life.

A Glimpse Into My Blessed Life

Over fifteen years ago, my daughters 4th birthday was coming, but I got sick enough to be admitted into Orange Park Hospital and stayed during her birthday. My lovely roommate surprised me! She had her daughter bring in several presents for my daughter like: Barbie, Barbie’s horse, and clothing for the Barbie doll. I felt so blessed when this happened that I cried as I tried to tell her thank you. She hugged me and said he said just pass it on when you can.

Later, for the next five years, I found myself in the hospital over the holiday season for one reason or another on Thanksgiving, Christmas, (My birthday), New Years Eve, and New Years Day. During Christmas, the nurses would bring in gifts for me and my children, which made me feel blessed and grateful. The nurses from each shift brought me some things to use to write with, since they knew I loved to write short stories. They even loved reading what I wrote, which made me feel honored and set me on the path to writing. I am not perfect, but I know I get better every single day.

This year, I am collecting donations for the Blankets of Hope Project, which can be throw blankets or small gifts for adults or children. However, if you cannot help us out, then take time to help someone near you that needs help this year. If you can help us, contact me for my email laughatcancer@gmail.com for the address to send your donations to. I hope you will take a moment and let us know how we are doing, as well letting us now if you plan to donate. We can also use Christmas cards that are not signed, instead put “Thinking About You” at the bottom of the card.

Please help spread the word by sharing this blog!

Thank you and Happy Holidays!

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