What is Your Legacy?

What is your personal legacy that your loved ones will remember once your journey on this earth is over? Have you ever sat down and asked yourself about the kind of book a family member could actually write about your character and personality? Would they believe you are an honest person, who believes in being a person who has integrity and honor? Maybe they will see you as a person who is a failure due to the many wrong choices you have made in your life so far. 

Honestly, you can choose to change that story right this moment, especially if it is a bad one or even one filled with depressing situations. You have the pen in your hand because your story is unwritten and it is your choices that will fill up each new paragraph. Everytime you must make a choice, think of the way that this decision will sound in your story once it has been written. This action alone will stop you from doing many things, which you may do in secret like feeding your addictions. 

Start creating a plan of who to call when you need advice, as well as name the person to call when you need encouragement. This will help you leave the dragon behind, while changing your entire life just by making smarter choices. Never give up, because despite your setbacks, your story is beautiful and so many people want to hear your testimony.

Thank you for stopping by,

Crystal S. Amon

Copyrighted 2022