Three Ways to Reduce Anxiety

We are going to talk about tips and scientific tricks to feel calm and relaxed. The most effective ways to sustain long-term feelings of peace and calm are breathing techniques, music, and meditation.

1. Breathing Techniques

When feeling stressed out, try calming yourself down by taking deep breaths and relaxing each muscle group. Deep breathing forces oxygen into your lungs and relaxes your body. Try focusing on your breath for five minutes before doing anything else.

2. Music

Music is proven to help lower blood pressure and fight anxiety. Listen to calming music or nature sounds if you find yourself getting anxious. If listening to music isn’t your thing, simply focus on something outside.

3. Meditation

Meditation is an often overlooked way to relieve stress, but it’s really not that hard. Start by sitting comfortably and focusing on your breathing. Once you’ve gotten comfortable with that, start thinking about nothing at first (if you don’t think about nothing, you’ll be thinking about everything). After a few moments, slowly begin thinking about things that make you happy, like family or animals. Keep going until you’re able to clear your mind and concentrate on nothing.

These simple tips will help keep you calm, even when anxiety hits you suddenly. Focus on learning and using these proven techniques to reduce your daily anxiety at home and work.

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Written By, Crystal S. Amon

Copyrighted 2022