Stay Away From Drama

You will struggle to find your new normal again while in recovery. This means establishing your own personal boundaries with friends and family. These new limits may cause a person to get angry. Always steer clear of all drama and negativity which is brought by toxic people. These types of people will bring drama right to your doorstep, due to not getting their way with you. 

Unfortunately, this can be a family member or friend who you love and adore. However, they are just using you for things they need or want like money. These types of people will try to destroy your peace with unnecessary drama. Especially when you decide to lay protective boundaries for yourself and your personal stuff. However, you can easily spot these types of people, because they will become immediately when you say no. 

As soon as you say no, then the negativity and drama begins immediately because they are angry. This person will begin to make you feel like the bad guy automatically and try to cause trouble in your life until they get their way. Instead of getting depressed or angry, be proud of yourself for standing your ground with this type of person.

Start paying attention to people’s behavior, which will tell you exactly what kind of person they are during your attempt to set healthy boundaries. Now that you know who is a toxic person, be sure to immediately begin following the steps that are needed to remove the person from your life.

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Crystal S. Amon

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