You Are Beautiful Too

You are beautiful and you need to see that. There are still so many beautiful parts of you that are yet to be explored. See it this way; you grew up in a certain community all your life but when you’re on the internet you get the chance to see other beautiful places in the world and you think to yourself.

The world is so beautiful. I wish I get to experience the true beauty of the world someday. Look at that. You just accepted that the world is beautiful but you don’t want to accept you’re beautiful? That’s not good enough.

You’re feeling like you shouldn’t be made to think you’re beautiful? Why? Because you made a few mistakes in the past? Everyone has made mistakes at some point in their lives so you really shouldn’t let that stand in the way.

Look at it this way, making mistakes is a great way to learn. The best way to learn is by making mistakes and realizing your mistakes. And you also have to trust the process. Please don’t be confined to one mistake.

Have a beautiful day!

Crystal S. Amon

Copyrighted 2022

Your Beautiful!