Never Give Up

Find support

First let me say this, a lot of people have been on this road way before you came on. Ever taken some time out to look at their lives and try to see the similarities you share? Just for a second forget about the fact that they battled with their own addiction just like you. You may think that you are similar to others but you’re not because God created us all in a unique manner and our addiction is jus as unique.

Addiction Happens 

A lot of things in life could trigger an addiction from a painful injury to a sudden life change, but you don’t have to pack your bags and stay there. Some causes can be abandonment issues, abuse, verbal and sexual abuse, harrassment, nutrition problems, family problems. Nobody blames you for falling into addiction, however help is out there and support is available.

Fight Back 

Instead of allowing all that anger and resentment to overwhelm you, find ways to begin channeling it into being a better you. You’re being a better you for yourself not anyone else, because you must heal to overcome addiction. Yes, this life is pretty hard and difficult at times yet it is beautiful as well so begin finding the beauty in everything you do. Thankfully, you are still alive to read this article and I hope that you will begin fighting back. 

Remember This Always

You’re one very special human being to many people around you even if you don’t know it, because someone is looking up to you. Also, you’re important to the universe, so I encourage you to cry or scream it out! Sounds very odd right? But, I want you to feel all the emotions that you need too, so addiction has no place to hide anymore. I want you to remember that you’re not perfect and you’re prone to make mistakes but the mistakes do not define you.

You’re A Masterpiece

Just think about a vase that is chipped or broken on one side, do you fix it or throw it away? You can take that vase and make it into an unusual and beautiful masterpiece, just by adding gold or colors. Piece by piece, begin mending yourself with positivity and beautiful memories each day until you can no longer feel the pain that led you down your dark road of addiction. Therefore, you will find yourself chasing recovery and living in sobriety before you know it but even if you relapse don’t give up.

Have a beautiful day,

Crystal S. Amon