Make Time for Yourself

Love Yourself

When was the last time you connected with your essence? When was the last time you actually connected to your core? Don’t feel let down if it’s been a while. Life gets busy and you need to know what you an to keep alive. So you shouldn’t feel let down that you haven’t really had some time for yourself.

But you do realise that you need that time? You need to spend quality time with yourself on this journey. You need to always connect with yourself for better understanding of your circumstances. 

Do you understand that it’s really important to give yourself credit for how far you have come? Why don’t you do this little exercise? Get a own and paper and just lust out a few things you have done recently or in the last two months. They could be little things but still write them out and just go over them. You would have a smile on your face no matter how little it is. 

Look at that list and you would realise just what you have achieved. It doesn’t matter if it’s not something huge like buying your own house or booking tickets to fly out to Dubai and go watch the world cup but it’s a start towards something great.

Read the list and give yourself some credit. You did that. And you will do so much more. You have to believe in yourself some more. You can do anything that you set your mind to. Don’t perhaps feel like this is happening to you because you made it so. Don’t burden yourself with thoughts like you could have avoided this. 

You are not a bad person. We are just people who do bad things and that us not a crime. Nobody, no circumstance is irredeemable. Everything can be salvaged and you need to believe that. Now that you have written that little list and realised what you’ve done these last months.

You should be proud of yourself. You have come so far and done so much and its only just the beginning. You still have so much to do and you need to believe in yourself.

Have a good day and spoil yourself,

Crystal S. Amon