Find Your Power


Let’s be honest. It’s hard. It really is hard. That feeling of being submerged under water for so long yet you want out. It’s not easy. Nobody said it would be easy. There isn’t anything you can be told that would actually make a difference to you, unless you decide to effect a turn around yourself. 

Nobody said the road would be easy but you should trust yourself and give yourself enough credit that you can do it and that you can in fact recover because you are strong. it’s a very long road and most times it’s lonely but one thing that matters is your decision to do better. And you constantly chase that decision and do things that bring you closer to being better. 

How do you get your mind off the thoughts that try so hard to convince you otherwise? This is the hardest part. The heart has a harder time understanding what the mind wants and that’s what makes it so hard. Your heart and your mind could want two different things. But you should probably ask yourself what do you want?

This life is your life and what you want should truly natter to you and everyone around you. If you loved yourself that much, you would want to do what is best for you and you would understand that you need to recover from this. You need to fight this and you have to admit that you need help. One of the best ways of coming to terms with a reality you have struggled with for so long is when you finally accept that reality. Acceptability is one of the key things that you need to getting better. Until you accept that you need help, that is when you have made the first step.

Now that you have accleted that you need help, what are you going to do to get this help? You can’t just sit all alone in a dark room and wait for help to come. You need to lush yourself by being in control of the decisions you make henceforth. 

As stated earlier, it really isn’t easy but it is not impossible. You can do it. And you need to give yourself enough credit for how far you have come and how strong you have been. You are alive. There are lots of people who lost their life in the process but you are here. That should be enough proof to you that your life matters much more than you could ever imagine and you need to give yourself more chances than you think you deserve. 

After accepting this for what it is, you need to take conscious steps towards getting better and that is the less tougher part. There are so many questions that come with this part. How do you start getting better? How do you recover from this water that almost submerged you? 

Love yourself enough. See that you are worth the shot at happiness and getting better. Realise that nobody in this world has the power to define you or your essence. You alone have that power.

Have a nice day,

Crystal S. Amon