Don’t Overlook Your Beauty

Look at you. A masterpiece. A beautiful work of art that doesn’t need the validation of anybody to feel WHOLE. Have you perhaps been feeling broken lately? Please don’t.

You really shouldn’t put yourself in that situation. See the naked truth is, you feel like you’re not doing your most. You think you don’t have your life all figured out like the pizza guy who delivers pizza or the man in his suit driving out on his way to work.

But you might be overlooking something. Nobody has it all figured out. We are just screw ups, trying to appear like lesser screw ups. The real question is are you going to let your past screw ups get in the way of your present and future?

You’re feeling down right now hit truly ask yourself is there anything wrong with the moment? You would realise that you’re letting the baggage of the past affect the present that has nothing wrong with it.

You have two options here, forget your past, throw it out like used cabbage and embrace the present or you lay in bed all day and think of every reason in the world not to get up and have a great day.

The ball is in your court but it would be really great if you realised just how phenomenal you truly are and how blessed the world is to have you. You are a fire that cannot he quenched and you need to see yourself in that light.

Have a blessed day!

Crystal S. Amon

Copyrighted 2022

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