Been Awhile

My new glasses

Life got busier for me lately. Sorry I haven’t been writing, but I thought I would drop by and say hi to my friends and followers. I am still struggling with depression as many do.

However, I’m doing great on the plan made by my psychiatrist and the medicines are helping. Looking back on my last 5 years, I feel happier now than I ever have been which is progress.

Everyday I get up and find something to do, in order to keep from allowing my depression to. Take over. Do you struggle with depression despite being on medication and in counseling?

If you do, I love to hear from you in the comments. How do you cope with everyday battles? Do you feel your progressing as I am lately? Or do you feel your drowning like I did before I got help with my mental health.

No one likes to talk about their own mental health because people can be cruel with their comments. I want to discuss this issue because I want to meet people who are struggling like I am. Maybe we can help each other by sharing our stories.

I hope you leave a comment!

Have a beautiful day,

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